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ZARYA – center for industrial heritage

Since 2021, the Standard 2.0 team has been revitalising Yekaterinburg's oldest cinema, which has retained its primary function. Our task is to update the historical object in the non-central part of the city, to enrich local cultural offers, and to draw the attention of citizens to the history and problems of post-industrial territories remote from the city centre.

To achieve this, we are planning and already implementing:

  • creation and development of an information centre on industrial history of Elmash and Uralmash;

  • curated cinema programme;

  • partnership events with local institutions and self-organisations as well as other local initiatives;

  • exhibitions of contemporary artists;

  • performative program;

  • lectures, seminars, and programmes for the community.

Supported by Vladimir Potanin Foundation


Young Artist Lab 2021 - 2022

The Young Artist Lab is an educational project for emerging artists and those who want to start their practice in contemporary art. The Lab was launched in 2018 and was nominated for an Innovation Prize as Best Educational Project. 

Go to the project page.

The Lab allows participants to unlock their creative potential, integrate them into the professional art community, and becomes a launching pad for building an art career in the future. The format makes it easier for participants to integrate into the professional community and understand the specifics of different art mediums in practice. 

Mentors of the Laboratory 2021 – 2022:

  • Anastasia Bogomolova (artist, researcher, Yekaterinburg, Russia), laboratory: "Geology of ideas and artist research"

  • Andrey Chugunov (multi-disciplinary artist, Yekaterinburg, Russia), laboratory: "Technological art: meditative media and useless data"

  • Igor Ponosov (artist, curator, researcher, Moscow, Russia), laboratory: "Art and the city: graffiti, street art, partisaning"

  • Svetlana Spirina (artist, Prague - Yekaterinburg), laboratory: "Total image: the practice of creating, editing and printing"

  • Sergey Poteryaev (artist, curator, Yekaterinburg, Russia), laboratory: "Form of photography: from emptiness to space"

  • Sonia Killman (Sound Artist, Composer, Glasgow, UK), Sound Art Lab, Module 1 "Immersive Music and Hydra Coding"

  • Raydale Dower (artist, Glasgow, UK), sound art lab, module 2 “Listen”

  • Anton Valkovsky (curator, founder of the Biennale of Difficult Legacy, Volgograd-Vladikavkaz), laboratory: "Socially Engaged Art, Participatory Practices"

The project is implemented jointly with  Ural branch of the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin  (NCCA in Yekaterinburg).

In 2021 with support of  Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives .

The module with the British artists was a part of the  UK – Russia Creative Bridge 2021-2022  program with the support of  Culture and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow .


Exhibition "Stop at the Kosmonavtov!" at the Omega Cinema and Culture Center (from 10.02.2022)

"Stop on Kosmonavtov!" – is the third exhibition dedicated to the Ordzhonikidze district. This is how the project continues the global visual exploration of the local context of the district.

  • With the Project "There will be a forest here!", dedicated to Uralmash, the cinema and cultural centre Omega was opened in 2020.

  • The image and identity of Elmash was presented in the exhibition "The Air Castles of Elmash" in 2021.

  • The new exhibition "Stop on Kosmonavtov!" draws attention to the space between the microdistricts – Cosmonavtov Avenue.


Prospekt Kosmonavtov is one of the longest streets in Yekaterinburg, its length is about 10 km. Most residents perceive the avenue only as a highway. But Kosmonavtov Avenue is very different along its entire length: it is an industrial area, and a pleasant picturesque alley, and a highway, and a narrow street with two-story houses. It is constantly changing, building up or hiding something. The prospect appears as a metaphor for a constant search and an endless path, movement, isolation from a permanent place.​

The exhibition space is divided into two parts: works by contemporary artists and archive materials showing the life of the avenue, its past and present: these are the results of three expeditions carried out in autumn 2021.

Through the history and architecture of the avenue, the exhibition will tell audience about the visible and the hidden, about clear boundaries and changeability, about constant movement and finding one's way.

Curator: Svetlana Usoltseva

Artists: Olesya Ilyenok, Katya Lishnaya (member of the art group "Peredvizhnicy"), Yulia Gloomy (member of the art group "Peredvizhnicy"), Sergey Poteryaev, Dmitry Fedorov, Natalia Hokhonova, Alexey Shchigalev

The new exhibition was created in collaboration with  "Premier Hall" Cinema Network  and "Atomstroykompleks" developing company .


Cinema Subbotniks in Zarya (2021)

We applied participatory practices to the renovation of the space of the Soviet cinema Zarya. This is a unique format of events where we, together with volunteers and partners, painted the walls and tidied up the foyer of one of the oldest cinemas in the city, networked, discussed contemporary practices in creating public spaces, and watched a movie afterwards. 

The unselfishness and enthusiasm that drive people to work together for the common good is perfectly captured in Soviet cinema, in films that are rarely seen on TV but are absolutely must-see. These were the kinds of films we invited our guests to watch. 

At the subbotniks the following films were shown: "New Moscow" (1938, directed by Alexander Medvedkin, Alexander Olenin); "Give me the book of Complaints" by Eldar Ryazanov; "Cheremushki" by Herbert Rappaport.

Film Subbotniks - became part of the special programme of the public art festival "CHO" .

Project partners -  Network of cinemas "Premier Hall" & Developer "Atomstroykompleks"

Thanks to the Finnish paint brand Tikkurila for providing materials and the DHL Russian office for participation in the activities.


Seminars "History of solidarity in Yekaterinburg" (2021 – 2022)

The project curated by Polina Ivanova, an architect, city researcher and member of the PODELNIKI arch group , which is engaged in the restoration of the White Tower at Uralmash – iconic Constructivist structure in Yekaterinburg, Russia. 

The aim of the project is to identify the influence of communities in shaping Yekaterinburg's urban environment in the past. 

At the workshops we are exploring the history of solidarity of Yekaterinburg residents, when people united into communities and changed the city, leaving a significant physical and informational footprint in the city. 

The meetings took the format of a lecture and discussion of papers.  

The events took place in the Zarya cinema and in the public library of the Ural branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Yekaterinburg)

Meeting topics:

28.10.2021 Religious and national communities. Expats and returnees (Poles, Jews, Tatars). 
Speakers: Tatiana Mosunova - historian, author of books and articles on the history of Poles in the Urals; Elizaveta Zabolotnykh - researcher at the Institute of History and Archaeology, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Ildar Khabibulin - researcher of urban history and architecture, head of the "Tatar Sloboda Yekaterinburg" project" chief portal, author of the telegram channel "ArhiEkat".

18.11.2021 Community influence on Yekaterinburg in 80s and early 90s: MZhK, Bukashkin, Sverdlovsk rock-club. 
Speakers: Lyudmila Starostova, head of development of the Yeltsin Museum, curator of "MZhK-1980"; Daria Kostina, art historian, curator, art director of Gallery Sinara Art; Svetlana Tolmacheva, journalist, tour guide of community "Yekaterinburg" on author routes.

25.11.2021 Art community of Yekaterinburg–Sverdlovsk in 1919-1920s. Yekaterinburg Public Art Studios. 
Speaker: Evgeny Alekseev, Ph.D. in Art History, Associate Professor at the Department of Art History of Ural Federal University.

2.12.2021 Silver Age Charity and Educational Communities, Sverdlovsk Harbin Community. 
Speakers: Tatiana Mosunova, historian, curator of Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local History; Elena Shusharina, researcher of the Yekaterinburg History Museum, historian and archivist.

19.01.2022 Youth Museum: prehistory, image and facts. 
Speaker: Vladimir Bykodorov - historian, deputy director of Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local History. Author and head of private research project "Bykodorov Archive".

27.01.2022 Civic solidarity of pre-revolutionary Yekaterinburg. Speaker: Vladimir Mikityuk - PhD in History, Senior Researcher at the Institute of History and Archaeology, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

3.02.2022 Where to look for community in Soviet Sverdlovsk? Speaker: Konstantin Bugrov - PhD in History, Leading Researcher at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Humanitarian Research, Institute of History and Archaeology, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Seminars are a special project of the public art festival "CHO".

The general partner of the festival is Atomstroykompleks.

The project partner is the network of cinemas "Premier Zal" and the Ural branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.


2nd Public Art Festival "CHO" (2021 – 2022)

The Urals Public Art Festival CHÖ is a unique event on a city scale. The search for hidden local insights, appeal to the history of the place, dialogue with communities – all of these are at the heart of the objects created during the festival, building a connection between the past, present and future; city, artists and residents.


Festival Director: Nikita Kharisov

Curator: Artem Antipin


  • Roma Bantik (Yekaterinburg)

  • Art group "Artistic solitude" (Moscow)

  • Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov (Yekaterinburg)

  • Eduard Kubensky (Yekaterinburg)

  • Sergei Laushkin (Yekaterinburg)

  • Alexey Martins (Krasnoyarsk)

Festival 2021 included a children's art camp, solidarity seminars in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk, a film festival in the historical site of the Zarya cinema.


In 2021, the festival is implemented jointly with  the Ural branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (NCCA in Yekaterinburg) with the support of Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives .

General partner – Atomstroycomplex.

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Exhibition "Air Castles of Elmash" (2021)

Exhibition project dedicated to the Elmash microdistrict in Yekaterinburg. The exposition became the second version of the project of the photography museum "Metenkov's House" , shown in 2017.

Then the historian Evgeny Burdenkov led a series of author tours of the Elmash neighbourhood, featuring artists and photographers from Yekaterinburg. Daria Garnik, Anastasia Krohaleva, Daria Kuznetsova, Sergey Laushkin, Anya Marchenkova, Artem Piskunov, Artem Sagakyan and Lena Shubentseva created new works especially for the exhibition, seeking to deal with the history of Elmash and present its image and identity. 

For the Omega Cinema and Culture Centre, the exhibition was reassembled and exhibited with a division into an artistic and a historical part. 

Project curators: Sasha Saltanova, Alexey Bocharov

General partner of the exhibition:  Network of cinemas "Premier Hall"

photo report (opening)        exposition


Exhibition "Park FREEvolny at Zarya" (2021)

The exhibition project launched the process of revitalisation of the oldest operating cinema in Yekaterinburg, the Zarya. 
The exhibition included two parts: "Freevolny Park" and "Cinema of Forgotten Dreams". 

Anya and Vitalik Cherepanovy created an artistic intervention in their signature style, "Park at Volny", an ongoing project in which artists observe territories where different people, nature and time coexist. The interior of Zarya is a magnificent work of art with 70 years of different FREEDOMS influencing it. Anya and Vitalik have worked with interest and respect in such an space to support the beauty of the interior with works of art.

Three new video novels from the "Theatre under the Cameras" series were premiered in the cinema hall, in which Anya and Vitalik consolidate their status as filmmakers with CCTV cameras.

In a collaborative installation by Vladimir Seleznyov, Anya and Vitalik Cherepanovy, "Cinema of Forgotten Dreams", the artists bring the audience into a half-asleep state, plunging them into a magical timelessness in which advertising images from the past come and go, Charlie Chaplin finally nails Spiderman, and duck is not what you smear it with.

As part of the opening of the project, a retrospective of video art by Vladimir Seleznyov was shown, partially covering the artist's creative path, from the collective animation of the Zer Gut group (2001-2005) to solo projects in the early '10s

Artists eating cannibal pigeons, the first queer video from Nizhny Tagil, absurdist video comic about superhero engineer, silent thrash advertisement of a car showroom and other videos with the accompaniment of Marilyn Monroe, 4 Positions Bruno and Yegor Letov.

Curator: Vladimir Seleznev


Vladimir Seleznev

Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov

Krasil Makar



2nd festival of outdoor culture "Banff Russia" (2021)

The motto of the second BANFF Russia was Think globally, act locally. The whole programme of the festival is designed to support this phrase: outdoors communities, local projects, media athletes and travellers shared their ideas, experiences and discoveries of the 2020 and their plans for the future. Our global goal is to invite people to look around and see the splendour of nature around them, especially within their own city and region. The aim is to bring people with similar values and lifestyles together in one place. We believe that this is how the brightest projects are born and then developed.

Project partners: Embassy of Canada in Russia, Magna Tech Electronic, Premier Hall cinema chain, DSA Agency, Sport Marathon, VEK, Sila Voli shopping centre, Ural Surf, Manaraga.

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Exhibition "There Will Be a Forest Here" (2020)

The exhibition, created for the opening of the Omega Cinema and Cultural Centre, is dedicated to the history of the construction and development of Uralmash - the area where Omega is located. The project tells about the neighbourhood of the former sotsgorod and the nature, about the integration of the modern technological world with the eco-environment and about the ordinary people who live in this area.​

Project curator: Marina Sokolovskaya


  • Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov

  • Fedor Telkov

  • Denis Tarasov

The general partner of the exhibition is the network of cinemas "Premier Zal"




Cinema and Culture Centre Omega. Concept and program (since 2020)

The Standard 2.0 team was involved in developing the concept for the new Premier Zal Omega cultural centre. The main goal was to break stereotypes and prove that cultural centres in Yekaterinburg can also be in suburban areas. Omega is a unique facility that combines comfortable modern cinema halls, exhibition spaces, a lecture hall and a space for community events. 

The cinema and cultural centre hosts public events with well-known citizens and invited experts, film premieres, a movie club, exhibitions and other events designed to update the heritage of the neighbourhood and strengthen local communities. 

One of Omega's flagship projects is O!Fest, a regular festival that combines an ecological agenda, an art market and lectures on relevant topics.

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1st Outdoor Culture Festival Banff Russia (2020)

The 1st Banff Russia Outdoors Culture Festival ran in Yekaterinburg in 2020. The programme took place in the big pavilion of the Sverdlovsk Film Studios and attracted more than 700 spectators. The programme of the international BANFF Russia 2020 tour presented the best of recent years in outdoor sports and adventure films. A programme of 8 movies was presented an inspiring story from a unique region of the world. The festival programme included a outdoor gear swap, speed-dating PRO, a market and food court with local products, as well as photo zone with vintage hiking outfits.  ​

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161_DSCF1478_2020-02-01_20-35-11_AP (1)_edited.jpg

1st Public Art Festival "CHO" (2020 – 2021)

The main thesis of the first CHO Festival is to stand firmly on your feet. In order to be strong, you need a solid point of support. We found our base in the union of the art professionals.
One of the largest street art festivals STENOGRAFFIA and public art artist Andrey Lyublinsky from St Petersburg became curators of the festival.
We made CHO together with the artists Andrey Bartenev, Pokras Lampas, Roman Ermakov, Artem Stefanov, Daniil Gilderman, Andrey Lyublinsky, the teams SPEKTR and Hot Singles in Your Area. As a result, 7 art objects appeared in Yekaterinburg. They include installations, sculptures, bas-reliefs and even a cyclorama! 

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Marianne Müller Complaints and Suggestions. exhibition and art-resydency at the photography museum "Metenkov's House" (2019)

The exhibition of the Swiss artist Marianne Müller continued the third season of the Metenkov Houses residency program. 

In her project, the Swiss artist unexpectedly combines the aesthetics of Veniamin Metenkov's old photo studio with an investigation of material and social transformations in the interiors of constructivist houses. Elements of Müller's installation will not only appear in the hall of the art residence, but also on the staircase in front of the museum and outside of the building, while the second part of the work will be shown in the form of a photo-zine.

The main material for the exhibition inside and outside "Metenkov House" is lush curtains. They used to decorate the walls and almost all the windows inside the museum. It was not always obvious to visitors whether these curtains belonged to the time when the mansion belonged to Veniamin Metenkov, or whether they were part of a modern exhibition.

The project was implemented jointly with  photographic museum "Metenkov's House"  with the support of  Swiss Cultural Council Pro Helvetia .

photo: Metenkov House

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